Monday, March 31, 2008


given to something of joy
a sea of voice
above the din of the crowd
laughter escapes
riding the crest
over heads & gossipy words
laughter emanates
heads turn
in the direction, sour words lost
laughter embraced
heads tilt
smiles involuntarily form
memories churn
sound of power
filling spaces of empty words
laughter's embrace
one single impression


Quiet Paths said...

Oh, that last one really put the exclamation mark on the rest. Marvelous post.

Raven said...

Last one is my favorite. Nicely done.

Billy said...

Wonderful series for the laughter prompt. I loved them all!

Billy said...

PS Last one is also my favorite!

gardenpath said...

I liked them all, but the last one was my favorite, too. By the way, I'll bet you are a very pleasant person.

SandyCarlson said...

"Sour words lost" made my day. We need laughter so very much.
Writing in Faith: Poems

MyBellavia said...

These are all great. I too enjoyed the last one!

tumblewords said...

Great job! Love the different laughters and the general happiness written in these pieces!

Marianne H. Nielsen said...

I loved them all and how in each one laughter escapes...and fills all the void spaces. Great job.

paisley said...

your "laughter" is contagious i see as it spread like wildfire on this page!!!! i love the fourth one.. although all of them are lovely....

Joyce said...

I am glad to visit your place of beauty, and enjoy your poetry about laughter. :)

Thank you so much for stopping by my haiku to visit, too.

the teach said...

Qualcosa, lovely haiku! I love this site very much! :)

Roswila said...

The first one is wonderful, IMHO. :-)

Teri C said...

Lovely words for the prompt. Love that last one, like you worked your way up to it.

Pearl said...

strum in Louis Armstrong, it's a wonderful world and Yoko and John's Nutopia after:

heads turn
in the direction, sour words lost
laughter embraced


Patois said...

As you're not forcing me to choose, I like them all very much.

andrée & Michael said...

I love the "breath escaped" because I think, now, that is what laughter is. The loss of control over the breath that we keep under control. It's a great concept. that's why I love OSI.

spacedlaw said...

Good series, I could not chose one above the others.

One More Believer said...

these are beautiful.. never thought of laughter in so many ways...

yertle said...

Love this -- especially the link between laughter and breath.

storyteller said...

What an amazing
series connecting laughter
with breathing itself!

Thanks for your recent visit and comment my OSI on 'Laughter' at Sacred Ruminations.
Hugs and blessings,

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Excellent tribute to laughter! JP/deb