Wednesday, March 12, 2008


tired blanket
falling across my soul
like snow
from a leadened sky,
fixed on a candle
my eyes heavy
with twilight
cannot resist
this gentle lullaby.

malady of a winter eve
you bring peace
in spite of my
resistance - my wish
toward warmth & long light,

i find myself
in the barren landscape
& early night.


paisley said...

sleep is synonymous with cold winter weather for me... so warm.. so cozy....

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful poem.

Billy said...

A lovely flow of lines with a gentle rhythm. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to sleep.

Anonymous said...

(Oh, in a good way)

lissa said...

read like a dream

lissa said...

I really like new image for your header and the pink somehow makes me happy.

writerwoman said...

You are a featured poet this week at PWB.

Christine said...

Your poem made me long for a nap with my dog next to me. So sweet is a nice sleep.