Thursday, December 13, 2007

twelve days of poetry project

to sit in quiet
absorbing winter silence
december twilight
one innocent babe
born two thousand years ago
world forever changed
hustle and bustle
sea of humanity flows
winter wander-land
tropical weather
childhood winters must make do
northern state of mind
still and silent night
crunch of snow-pack under foot
homing feels so good
cold of december
forgotten in season's hope
bearing peace and love
strings of light delights
hope in a rainbow of shine
hugging Christmas tree


Ričardas said...

Christmas magic all over. I liked all of them.

crimsonflaw said...

brings back such happy memories. i loved the arrangement and simplicity of this piece...the stanza beginning with ´´ tropical weather ´´ and ending in ´´ northern lights ´´ was most wonderful...

happy holidays!

megan said...

there are some really good word pairings in these...winter wander-land, northern state of mind, and hope in a rainbow of shine...all neat little packages of meaning.

Sandy Carlson said...

The lines "snow-pack under foot/homing feels so good" are so beautiful! That is the exact feeling I experience this time of year. Cold and darkness really do send us in!

Wonderful sequence.
Writing in Faith

Scott Clawson said...

You have caught the essence of the holidays wonderfully and beautifuly. Merry Christmas.

UL said...

"one innocent babe
born two thousand years ago
world forever changed" ...I truely loved this piece, what a true impact, no wonder divine! Thank you, happy holidays.


DayDreamer said...

What a way to kick off the 12 days of Christmas! You did a wonderful job; I loved the structure.

writerwoman said...

I love the first two stanzas the best. They capture the wonderous feeling of this season.

Barone said...

silence is spongelike..."quiet absorbing winter silence"....I have never thought of silence this way and I love the notion...I will take it with me..."night crunch of snow-pack"...fantastic...I hear toes feel cold and then in your close..."homing"....they are warmed by your words. The entire compilation is heart warming...thank you! Happy, happy, happy holidays!
jodi barone

Brian said...

there are very nice. i especially like, crunch of snow-pack under foot... i could feel, hear, and see it all at once... a total experience.

Anna said...

I really liked how you interspersed the photographs. Very creative.

lissa said...

All wonderful poems. And the photos works really well with the poems

mariacristina said...

You begin with serenity:

to sit in quiet
absorbing winter silence
december twilight

And weave peace and love all throughout. I felt like I heard someone singing when I read your poem. Beautiful photos too.

Sian said...

The second one actually gave me goosebumps! And your photos are beautiful. So glad I found your blog. Happy Christmas