Thursday, December 6, 2007


in winter we find
a tender moment of light
through the long darkness


writerwoman said...

This poem has a Robert Frost feel to me. Impressive!

Lea said...

beautiful, the light of these words...

Sandy Carlson said...

Beautiful. Thanks.

lissa said...

what a wonderful poem. it's really nice reading this on a cold winter night.

writerwoman said...


Your assigned day for The Twelve Days of Poetry is December 13th.

This poem would work well for it. But it is up to you which poem of yours you submit.

Please send me a link to your poem at IlovetowriteSMP@yahoo with poetry in the subject line.

Thanks for taking part.

If there is any info about yourself you want our readers to know include it in the email.


writerwoman said...

Hi, I haven't heard from you about your poem so I am going to link to this one.

Remember you can email me, if need be, at