Wednesday, January 2, 2008

what poetry means to me

ripples on the shore
arriving from place unknown
i am bound to share


lissa said...

I like that - arriving from place unknown.

Sometimes I wonder where my words come from but mostly I don't really know.

Mad Kane said...

Very nice! I can really relate!
Mad Kane

writerwoman said...

Really pretty. Love the way this poem hints at the journey, while leaving it mysterious.

Sandy Carlson said...

Well done. Inspired. I suppose we really don't know where the words come; it is enough that they do and we receive them.
Writing in Faith

STP said...

It is wonderful how a few words can express so much about where poetry comes from. Love the picture, too!

Jodi Barone said...

The reference to the unknown origin of thought is expressed so beautifully, the implicit reference to the wind through "ripples"...perfect...unseen the wind delivers so much.. You too, like the wind are unseen yet offer so much...we are so fortunate that you feel the necessity of writing your thoughts and observations down.
jodi barone