Sunday, November 4, 2007


alley-way alone
in a city built for two
quietly i trudge


alone in a crowd
do you notice the center
where i may be found
faithful and patient
wait for the master's return
please don't be too long
loneliness of time
felt in desolate places
shrill cry of the crow
house still and quiet
today i am an island
at least until three


Greggo said...

i love the way you show loneliness form so many different angles. i especially like 'lonely in a crowd', which is often all too true.

Jo said...

Yes, Greggo is right. And I love the shrill cry of a crow one!

Roswila said...

The last one is really cool! Humorous and too true.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely series, I particularly like the crow

paisley said...

very nice contemplative collection....

spacedlaw said...

I like the "I am an island"...

Ackworth Born said...

a very good set of pictures and cpming at the theme from different angles.

mind you I do feel there is a difference between aloneness and loneliness but is always hard to perceive it sometimes.

Karina said...

I love the photos that accompany these, they are all so appropriate. The haikus themselves are beautiful. I especially love the first one. I've felt that way many times myself.

Christine said...

Very nice set. I also like the accent of the the crow image. I do like the last very much. That is a blissful moment when I get to be alone in the house.

Barone said...

Alley way alone in a city built for two...fantastic. You took me quickly to that alley, that city...well in one deep breath to be exact!

AnnieElf said...

Though they all speak, the island image says it all for me.

tumblewords said...

These are all so great and the photos that you illustrated with are grand as well. Loneliness comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Nice post!

get zapped said...

Wow, I was really grabbed by the last two. Dogs do seem sad and miss their human friends.

coconutannies said...

I love the alley-way picture and sentiment!

Just Expressing Myself said...

Like a beautiful string of pearls.
Thanks for sharing,

Rerun said...

Those pictures remind me so much of Charleston, SC. Nicely integrated series of poems. I especially like the second one...yes, the center is where we can all be found.

qualcosa di bello said...

greggo...sometimes the crowd is the loneliest place.

jo...i can still here him when i look at that picture. is, & i'm not always lonely at those times, but it felt right.

crafty & paisley...thank you both!

law...i had a little help with that one ;)

ackworth...sometimes my alone time turns lonely...& sometimes not!

karina & jodi...when i am in that particular city without my husband, that is just how it feels. the place is so romantic.

christine...ah...the bliss of some moments alone when normal life is people-ful!

annie...& you know it does for me too! ;)

ms. tumble...that is how i felt when i initially read the prompt...many shapes & sizes. bet! & that little guy seemed to just ooze those words.

coconut...the picture was the inspiration.

frances...thank you for such a lovely similie... have a good eye...they are of charleston, except the last.

Plain Foolish said...

Such a lovely series, but I am simply entranced by the last one.

Judy Brutz said...

The series shows beautifully different facets of alone and lonelienss. I love 'faithful and patient' and 'loneliness of time felt.' The photos go so well. Thanks.

Patois said...

Wonderful takes. "Least until three" is right on. And I love "desolate places" as a description.

megan said...

the faithful and patient dog looks lonely indeed...nicely done.