Sunday, October 28, 2007


not ready
to face the steely grey
or brace myself against the blast
that will free the dying leaves

not ready
to prune back summer's best
or find among the thorns
the last rose bud never to full flower

not ready
for early twilight's canopy covering the world
or early morning's wakefulness
still steeped in the dark

summer left on the wind
born of a northern force
ushering in the length of night
emboldening brilliant moonshine
not asking, are you ready
bringing forth an urging deep & primal
for firelight & homing
rhythm moving on
ready or not
solstice bound
the turn of tide
winter's presence made known


lissa said...

great poem - makes me want to go back to summer.

tumblewords said...

I so agree with Lissa. I'm a summer person and autumn strikes me as a dying time. 'the last rose bud never to full flower' says it all. A lovely post!

Clare said...

Beautiful words and feeling -- and it's so true that the changes come without our being asked. I too have trouble letting summer go!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love autumn but I do find it difficult to let winter move in

qualcosa di bello said... too!

tumble...thank you...when i find that last bud, i can't help the sadness. is tough to know that our opinions on change rarely count!

crafty...exactly! i really would rather skip winter, except for a few choice snowy days around a fire with no obligations for driving!