Sunday, October 12, 2008


they say gold is found
at the end of the rainbow,
but in the chase
to that one small place
all one can see
its undersided knots
of tapestry.

i say gold is found
in the light bending vista
sun streaming cloud
elegantly shroud
where one can see
the whole kaleidescope of
its tapestry

one single impression


Haiku Tuna said...

Very powerful imagery of the two sides of a tapestry!

anthonynorth said...

Beautiful imagery. You've certainly captured some gold there.

Deborah Godin said...

You've expressed it perfectly - and that photo is wonderful!

SandyCarlson said...

I say you are completely right! And these images are as wonderful as the poem. No need to wait for the gold; it's before us.

Beth P. said...

I love this imagery...course I did my poem last week (to 'serendipity') on the 2 sides of the tapestry, so I'm really fond of the metaphor!

Thanks for doing this so beautifully--

Greyscale Territory said...

O how lovely! The idea of kaleidoscope and tapestry is the real gold!

kouji | haiku said...

wow. two rainbows. :O

tumblewords said...

Beautiful, beautiful!

Jim said...

Hi Ms. di Bello, the beauty of the underside of the tapestry is up to the artist (weaver?). The more expensive the piece the more precious is the back as well. The lessor works still have a story on the back.
The value of the gold is in proportion to the amount of effort expended to obtain it?
I still like your motorscooter picture, it brings back memories of Italy, especially in the Sorento area with so many females at the handlebars.

Geraldine said...

Perfect in every way! Well done and great use of this prompt.

spacedlaw said...

Gold is in fact everywhere, if you know how to look at the world...

Quiet Paths said...

That's what I say too - lovely piece and perfect photo.

Sandra Evertson said...


Joyce said...

I enjoyed your GOLD prompt poetry and photo. :)

Billy said...

Yes, I agree. One must see the gestalt--the big picture.