Sunday, August 5, 2007


if i promise to write
the words you paint,
will you also
give color to my verse?
when i walk on the journey,
your capture of light
pulls me from my blindness.
please free my pen
from monotone ink,
onto the canvas
breathe life.


longjonblu said...

You have touched me with your words but I sense a great saddness in you. Writting a poem of joy could release your spirit.

I have enjoyed finding your words. Keep writting.

lissa said...

I like this - very well written. My favorite lines are "please free my pen from monotone ink, onto the canvas breathe life." You write better poems than I do.

Thanks for visiting my blog


lissa said...

I'm curious why your header graphic is so huge - it actually bleeds off the page - is this how you intended?

qualcosa di bello said...

long jon...a great sadness, yes - my baby is about to leave for college. but, i also have great joy in my life. i will dig through my poetry stash & look for joy to balance. thank you for your kind words. i have enjoyed your site too.

lissa...thank you so much. i don't think i write better than you or another...i just write what is given to me at tha moment, as do you. and they are all good!

the header was initially an accident (new blogger alert!), but i have decided to keep it for awhile...i like the detail